• How to shop safely on the Internet

    How to Buy from the Internet

    كيف اشتري اشياء من الانترنت

    Tools to buy from the Internet

    The most dangerous and weakest way to buy online in terms of security is the credit card purchase because the credit card linked to your bank account and thus exposing the data on this card could result in a loss of money on your bank account

     Prepaid credit card

    Prepaid card, which means that you must first charge the money you intend to buy, and this - certainly - provides a higher level of security for your money because this card has no link with a bank account 


    PayPal account activated by credit card 

    You can easily connect the card to your Paypal account, which is the fastest and safest way

    Choose secure and famous sites that use the most stringent security measures  


    Great location and excellent for shopping, the site's favorite for me and I bought him a number of products
    This site is available on a great experience in the marketing team and a 24/24 hour live support team accepts multiple payments and shipping methods.
    It features offered to new electronic products, electrical appliances, computer accessories, games and smart devices
    a smartphone and lighting and car accessories, clothing, materials, medical equipment and materials and other cosmetic devices
     Excellent quality
    There are gifts and you can collect points and even earn money
    He makes attractive offers from time to time
    Shipping to almost every country in the world from here

     Great location and excellent for shopping, I used personally and I bought him a number of products, the goods are relatively cheap and can receive anywhere in the world or almost, a great location for customers here

    Important Tips

    Close all open applications
    Use protection programs to clean your computer from viruses and spyware
    Use your own phone or computer
    Choose secured and famous sites that use the highest security measures

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