• 12V 30W DIY TDA2030A Dual Track Power Amplifier Board Kit

    12V 30W DIY TDA2030A Dual Track Power Amplifier Board Kit

    The Kit is integrated circuit TDA2030 as the center of power amplifier, with less distortion, peripheral components, simple assembly, large power, high fidelity, etc.

    Working voltage: 12V 30W  ac double
    The maximum output power: 15W x 2 around a track
    Circuit board size: 75 mm x 90 mm
    Output impedance: 4 to 8 Ω
    The output power: Po = 18 w (RL = 4 Ω)
    The subminiature encapsulation (TO - 220), can improve the assembly density
    It contains various protection circuit, so that the work safety and reliability. Main protection circuit are: short circuit protection, thermal protection, ground accidentally open circuit, power supply polarity reverse (Vsmax = 12 v), as well as the load discharge voltage recoil and so on
    TDA2030A to highest in minimum + 6 v + 22 v work under voltage, or minus 19 v, 8 Ω impedance can output the effective power of the 16 w, THD 0.1% or less


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